Buenos Aires one of the most bike -friendly cities

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Buenos Aires one of the most bike -friendly cities


Six years ago the network of protected bike lanes on city streets seemed crazy. At that time, there was almost a habit of cycling mobilized by the City because it was dangerous and involved risks for cyclists to have to travel on the same rails trucks, buses, motorcyclists, taxi drivers and thousands of private cars. Culturally, it was not something that seemed easy to achieve. Public transportation (subway and buses) were often overwhelmed with the people who rummaged for work, gathered in the cars as canned sardines. Today, more and more locals choose this means of transportation to get around in the city: in the last five years, multiplied by eight (increased from 0.4% in 2009 to 3.5% this year) service users who choose the bicycles. For this reason, Buenos Aires entered as the only Latin American city in the world ranking of the most bike-friendly transport in cities. He held the fourteenth place among 122 urban centers studied by the team of Copenhagenize Design Co (planning and urban design) in Denmark, who compared the most important cities in the world. However, they warned that even «we must improve the infrastructure of bike paths, avoiding obstructions and expand the network,» which so far has 140 kilometers, 32 stations and 850 bikes free.

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