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The Generic Floralis will shine


City mount a visual show where musicians will perform Juan Carlos Baglietto and Lito Vitale; the structure functioned briefly after its inauguration in 2002, but broke and since then has been idle. The Floralis Generica, the metal sculpture installed near the Faculty of Law, will open and close their petals tomorrow after spending six years inactive. The sculpture was not working for a «mechanical failure», according to the city government but will be reopened tomorrow as part of a free show scheduled for 18 in the Plaza of the United Nations, where the architect Eduardo Catalano is located. There will be presented on «a giant water screen» visual show «Buenos Aires en Flor» and act musicians Juan Carlos Baglietto and Lito Vitale. Recovery efforts, which began in September last year, were promoted by the city government and had the support of the company OCA, who took over the patronage of this work, and engineers from the National Technological University (UTN ).

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